Author: Kura Ji

Простые инструкции для картин по номерам


Распакуйте набор для рисования по номерам и разложите холст, краски и кисти на плоской поверхности.Разверните полотно и аккуратно прогладьте его на высокой высоте, чтобы удалить складки и складки.Приклейте полотно к плоской поверхности скотчем. Мы рекомендуем малярную ленту, чтобы…

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Best place for convert BTC to ETH

Interest in cryptocurrency is growing all the time – someone makes a serious bet on it and invests the maximum amount of money in this direction. Someone is just trying their hand, looking closely at the possibilities of…

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Ripple co-founder takes 25 day hiatus

After taking a 25-day break, Ripple co-founder Jed McCaleb is selling millions of dollars worth of XRP once again. On January 18th, McCaleb sold 28.6 million XRP, which was equal to roughly $8.78 million at the time of…

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Coinbase Sued For Helping Ripple Raise Billions by Selling XRP

A plaintiff, Thomas Sandoval, is lodging a class action lawsuit at a San Francisco federal court against Coinbase. He alleges that the exchange received commissions by helping Ripple sell XRP without registering with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission…

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